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Information and Referral

This service provides you with information about disabilities and independent living issues. If we are unable to to assist you with your need, we will provide you with additional information about other services that are available to you.


Consumers, organizations, and the general public are provided with training to advocate for their needs. In addition, we education legislators on a local, state, and national level regarding issues confronting people with disabilities.

Skills Training

Individuals are given assistance to learn or re-learn any aspect of life activities that could increase their independence and control over life. This includes, but is not limited to, cooking, budgeting, and shopping.

Peer Counseling

Individuals are matched with others having the same problems either in a group or one-on-one setting. They can share common methods of coping and problem solving faced by others with the same problems.

Home Modifications

BAILS, through the assistance of donations and fund raising, is able to provide grab bars, assistive technology, and help build ramps for individuals. The Home Modification program is funded partially through the Wheelchair Basketball Fundraising Event.

Community Awareness

This service is offered through public speaking done by our Executive Director, Staff, or Board of Directors to local clubs, organizations, and churches. Also, we have booths at Health Fairs and County Fairs. "Don't Dis My Ability" is a back to school youth rally in our service area.

Equipment Loan Program

This program has many items that may be loaned or donated to our Consumers. Our equipment inventory includes but is not limited to: Geri Chair, manual wheelchairs, walkers with or without wheels, shower chairs, lift chairs, and crutches.

Transportation Services

BAILS currently has a bus and van with wheelchair lift, as well as a van without a lift. Transportation can be provided to and from shopping, the beauty shop, and other daily activities for a minimal fee. The transportation service also provides Medicaid transportation to medical facilities.

Disability Awareness

Sensitivity training has been provided to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in many schools in our service area. Each grade's training is different and includes video, assistive technology demonstration, and a Q&A session conducted by a person with a disability. This can be conducted in school systems, churches, or local boys and girls clubs.

Resource Library

The library at BAILS contains videos, books, magazines, and newsletters, all in which you can learn about disabilities and other organizations for people with disabilities. The internet is also available to persons with disabilities.

Consumer Directed Services

This program, previously known as Personal Attendant Services, allows the Consumer to choose who works for them and to function as their employer. The Consumer Directed Services Program or CDS Program is for persons with disabilities who need help with personal and daily activities including bathing, toileting, shopping, grooming and meals. The CDS Program helps individuals with disabilities live an independent lifestyle. The program pays for eligible Consumers to hire their own personal care attendant. The attendant can be a family member or friend. A spouse is not eligible to be an attendant. Each attendant is required to have a clean background check and register with the Family Care Registry. The CDS program is based on the independent living philosophy. Consumers in the program have control over hiring their own attendants and all other aspects of being an employer. Assistance and training is provided by the CDS Coordinator as needed.

In-Home Services

Some of the in-home services BAILS offers include: Homemaker Chore: Meal planning, cleaning, making and changing of beds, laundry,errands,correspondence, lawn care, snow removal and shopping. Personal Care: Dressing and grooming, bathing, feeding and personal hygiene, toileting, assistance with transfer and mobility. Advance Personal Care: Catheter hygiene, ostomy hygiene, bowel programs, aseptic dressing changes, assistance operating transfer devices and passive range of motion. Nursing: Medication set-up, diabetic monitoring and nail care, monitoring of skin conditions, routine monitoring of health status Respite: Companionship, supervision, and relief for the primary caregiver

Assistive Technology

BAILS technology department includes adaptive devices, such as TAPS program, which provides telephones for the visually and hearing impaired. BAILS also offers TAPS for the internet to aide individuals with disabilities in the use of the internet and computer. We also provide the Eye 2 Eye service for the hearing impaired which allows the individual to communicate through the television.

Hair Care for the Homebound

Those who have significant disability that prevents them from leaving the home can participate in this program to receive professional hair care for a nominal fee.


All persons within our service area with any disability may qualify for our services. BAILS does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.